I'm Iosif Livadaru

Web Developer
Focused on Web Applications using Laravel


Below you will find a collection of my projects that I developed during my time in school and also personal projects.

Social Media Platform (LivIt - 2019)

A Social Platform where you can have your own profile, post (pictures and your thoughts), participate in the contest and more.

Live Chat (2019)

On this project I used Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB and Socket.IO. I had some challenges getting the socket to work but after an hour of struggle, reading documentation and stackoverflow I GOT IT WORKING!!!

To Do List (2019)

This was my first project using Node.js and Express.js with MongoDB. It turned out to be a great project where I was able to test how CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) works with MongoDB.

Page Built Using GET REQUEST (2018)

A project were I had to use the user's choices of some options in order to create a web page.

Record Manager (2019)

In this project I wanted to advance my skills with Express.js and I started using "express.Router". I also used a color selector library created by Simonwep.

Music Player (2018)

This was a personal project that I came up with. I wanted to take a look at how the "audio" html tag works and it turned out to be a good project.

IdeaJam Reworked (2018)

For this project I had to recreate the IdeaJam post system from scratch.